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Marian trace alpha.MARIAN Trace Alpha

Marian trace alpha

Windows device driver information for MARIAN Trace Alpha.Marian: Downloads

25 rows · Trace AES Windows™ /XP/Vista/7 Server / (32 bit) ASIO , . As the special feature, the TRACE ALPHA includes the all-new TDM SyncBus. This amazing and mighty tool of digital signal processing is integrated directly within the powerful DSP mixer. With the help of the TDM SyncBus all available signals can easily be directed to the input of a TRACE ALPHA or other Marian Soundcards with TDM SyncBus option. TRACE ALPHA is an audio/MIDI system, developed to meet highest demands on sound, latency, features and reliability. The TRACE ALPHA provides one stereo analog input/output and one stereo digital input/output with up to kHz as well as one alternative internal digital CD-ROM input.

Marian trace alpha.Marian: Trace PRO

The MARIAN Trace Alpha is designed to give total solution for audio production applications in both the PC and Macintosh platforms. The MARIAN Trace Alpha is much compatible with most audio recording gears and also other playback devices. Mar 11,  · How about the Marian Trace Alpha? Top Bojcha Post subject: Re: Marian Trace Alpha - Multiclient Question. Post Posted: Sun Mar 11, am. Joined: Tue Mar 17, pm Posts: I must check that (i have it in my PC at work) For repeater.. you can achive very low latency with Kernel Streeaming (KS) since this repeater support it. right-click on "MARIAN Trace Alpha" and choose "Uninstall". Windows™ Vista/7/8/ In the next dialog activate the option "Delete the driver software for this device" and start the uninstall with "Ok". After the Uninstaller has finished, you only have to restart.

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Availability: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Weeks. The main characteristic of the TRACE series is the newly developed high speed hardware architecture, which guarantees data transfers with ultra low latencies and practically without CPU load.

The analog inputs and outputs provide balanced connectors and the elaborate analog converter technology ensures superb audio values with maximum dynamic - signal to noise ratio up to dB A with a level of up to 18 dBu.

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